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Stay Cool and Happy July 4th!

I hope everyone enjoys a safe, cool, and happy 4th of July week! It is definitely hot out there this week, and OSHA is encouraging employers to protect workers from heat-related illnesses and hazards.

myRCRAid Comes to MA!

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) has adopted the use of the Environmental Protection Agency’s myRCRAid system. This online resource is now used to help obtain hazardous waste generator identification numbers and manage hazardous waste generator profiles. 

Keep Emergency Contacts’ Information Updated

When was the last time you updated the emergency contact information posted throughout your facility?  How readily available are the phone numbers for your emergency coordinator, back up emergency coordinator, and safety officers?

Plan Safe + Sound Week

OSHA is promoting their second annual Safe + Sound Week, which is taking place August 13-19, 2018. This week is intended to raise awareness around workplace safety and encourage the proactive implementation of strong safety programs.

Take Advantage of e-Manifest Resources

Be sure to take advantage of the available resources that provide guidance on the implementation of e-manifests. From what I have been seeing and hearing, there are many questions surrounding this topic. EPA has issued a very useful e-Manifest Frequently Asked Questions summary that provides guidance on the logistics of the e-manifest system. 

OSHA Enforcement of Beryllium Standard

OSHA recently announced that they will begin enforcing certain requirements of the beryllium final rule, including the permissible exposure limits, exposure assessment, respiratory protection, medical surveillance, and medical removal provisions. 

Evaluate USDA Permitting Applicability

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the transport of potentially invasive species, pests, and/or agricultural threats through their Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

Launch of myRCRAid in Massachusetts

For anyone that has been following the e-manifest updates provided by the EPA, you know that the myRCRAid module within the RCRAInfo Industry Application system is not available in MA to date.

Be Prepared for Spring

It finally appears that spring is on its way and there will be no more snow! Be prepared for spring by thinking about your PPE policy and consider any spring cleaning that could happen in your labs.

Avoid Unknowns

Consider taking a walk through of your labs with the sole purpose of looking at labeling. Keep an eye out for compliance with labeling of chemical bottles, aspiration flasks, tubes, samples, etc. How many instances of encountering a potential ‘unknown’ would you come across?