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New York City

We guide our clients through setting up lab space, creating and implementing workplace safety, and assuring agency inspections go smoothly.

New York City

We guide our clients through setting up lab space, creating and implementing workplace safety, and assuring agency inspections go smoothly.

New York City is a burgeoning life science sector, with unique needs and regulations.

30+ years of experience
in specialized life science lab-based safety

We are scientists too
we understand what you do and how you do it

Trusted by over 900 firms
in the life science and technology industry

Safety Partners creates and implements EHS programs for science and technology companies working with hazardous materials and processes and for the buildings in which they operate. We have the depth of 30+ years, 900 clients, and 650,000+ hours – our EHS practice is fine-tuned. 

Born and bred in the cradle of the bio-pharma industry, Cambridge, Massachusetts, we brought our expertise to NYC’s life science companies, incubators, and multi-tenant building owners.  

Our team of scientists-turned-EHS professionals understands the unique requirements of the NYC ecosystem. We are doing our part to assure the ongoing success of life sciences in NYC. 

Here is what we offer in NYC:

We free you from the burden of managing complex and evolving regulations. Safety Partners manages it all—from completing applications and corresponding with the appropriate regulatory agencies through developing comprehensive safety manuals and procedures.

Areas of Expertise Include

Biosafety & Chemical Safety
Controlled Substances
Hazardous Materials
rDNA & Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBC)

Important to Consider in NYC

Permits & Related Compliance

Application, communications with agency, through permit issue

Wastewater discharge permit

EPA site identification number

FDNY compliance

Waste Management

Department of Health

Emergency Preparedness 

Emergency Action Plan

New York HERO Act


Permit Closeouts and Amendments

Lease Review & Surrender Documentation


NYC-Specific BL3 Requirements

High Containment Lab Registration – NYC DOH

High Containment Medical Waste Generator – NYS DEC

Community Right-to-Know (RTK)

Regulated by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Regulate the storage, use and handling of hazardous substances

EHS Program Development and Implementation

We are your resident expert and voice for workplace safety and compliance that keeps pace with your growth. Proactively minimize workplace risk and boost employee productivity with fully comprehensive and compliant programs.

Biosafety & Chemical Safety
Machine Shop

Laboratory “Best Practices”

Specialties Include:

Chemical Exposures
Potent Compound handling
Air Quality & Ventilation
Workplace Stressors

Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management and Worker Health and Safety

All organizations working with hazardous materials and processes require a company-specific EHS program – this is critical to employee safety and compliance.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) – For biosafety level, and high hazard materials and processes
  • Routine Maintenance – Upkeep of the facility
  • Policies – Develop in-house procedures and policies
  • Industrial Hygiene monitoring
  • PPE Assessment
  • Shipping/Receiving – Department of Transportation (DOT) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliance
  • Regulated Medical Waste (“Biowaste) – Annual submission
  • Write and submit the Solid Waste Removal Plan to the Department of Sanitation (DSNY)
  • Compliance for companies working with rDNA
  • Resident Expert – EHS resource, Q&A, as needed


We bring expertise on life science industry standards for building core and shell as well as overall EHS design of tenant space.

Safety Partners works with the major science and technology real estate developers in New York City to provide insight into design and planning of multi-tenant lab buildings that makes permitting easier and gives tenants what they expect.


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