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EHS Program Development and Implementation

Your resident expert and "voice" for workplace safety and compliance.

EHS Program Development and Implementation

Your resident expert and "voice" for workplace safety and compliance.

Once you are up and running, it is easy to forget the importance of keeping your safety program “alive.” We provide resources at the level you need; from on-call Q&A through full program management. Let us support you as you work toward your corporate goals.

Always so happy to hear when your team is involved with our tenants…puts our mind at ease! Would highly recommend you to all of the companies we work with!

Biosafety and Chemical Safety Program Implementation

Laboratory “Best Practices” customized for your science and technology.

• Ongoing support of Biosafety and Chemical Safety Programs: manuals and training programs are “living” pieces of your safety program that should grow and change at the pace that your scientific program is growing and changing. We are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of your program and updating your safety support to reflect your needs.

• Periodic waste stream reviews ensure cost-efficient and compliant waste segregation.

• Compliance with state and federal regulations: systems, procedures, practices, and training to meet all requirements.

• Safe handling of hazardous materials including chemical storage, inventory, storage limits, and PPE guidance.

Our Biosafety Expertise

Procedures, Policies, and General Lab Compliance

We create and formalize policies and procedures to ensure safety and compliance and fit your corporate culture and lab workflow.

Development of In-house Procedures and Policies

  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Waste system oversight and management
  • Receiving potentially hazardous materials from collaborators
  • Working alone
  • Visitor safety
  • COVID-19/pandemic preparedness and returning to work. See our insights
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Preparations for regulatory inspections
  • Permit renewals

Lab Upkeep
We formalize procedures to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Periodic lab inspections and preparation for regulatory agency inspections
  • Eyewash/safety shower testing
  • Review and replenish stock for spill kits and first aid kits

Safety Committees
Safety Partners will:

  • Act as a non-voting facilitator at meetings, write agendas, and record meeting minutes
  • Work through issues of non-compliance and unsafe work practices
  • Facilitate accident and incident review, reporting, and root cause

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
JSA write-ups for high hazard reagents or procedures become an appendix to the corresponding safety manual and training.


Prepare new employees and keep current employees “in the know”

Safety Partners can lead a customized on-site, virtual, and web-based training for your staff, with a variety of courses tailored to your science. Our courses include New Employee and Refresher Trainings. We also offer DOT and RCRA training courses with Training Contact Hours (TCHs). All trainings come with a certificate of completion.

Training Includes:

  • Biosafety
  • Chemical Safety
  • General Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • COVID-19 Standards
  • Radiation Safety
  • Laser Safety
  • Chemical Reactivity
  • X-Ray Safety
  • DOT
  • RCRA
  • Training for support staff including: shipping/receiving, facilities, glassware, and custodial

Additional EHS programs

We are flexible and can step in as needed.
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Respirator safety and fit testing
  • LOTO
  • Highly Toxic, Explosive, Pyrophoric materials handling
  • Ergonomics

It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft, we have 650,000+. Trust us to take the burden of EHS off of your shoulders. #safertogether