A multi-tenant lab building that garners the attention of lab-based tenants includes Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) design components. Safety Partners clarifies EHS requirements and permits while providing guidance to make your property compelling to prospective tenants. Our strategies pave the way for smooth permitting for landlords and tenants. We also protect your property by clarifying the distribution of EHS obligations between tenant vs. landlord.

Why real estate developers work with us

✔ Our fingers are on the pulse of industry standards
✔ We are adept at navigating local & federal regulations
✔ We stay on top of best practices for lab facilities
✔ We understand EHS requirements vs. options

As a veteran of several start-up companies, one of the first calls I make is to Safety Partners. In my latest role at Arrakis Therapeutics, Safety Partners has helped us establish our first lab facility and the various permits and guidelines we needed to have in place and is now helping us move to a new, much larger facility. The CSOs I have worked with have been essential support in building a culture of lab efficiency and safety.

Make Educated Decisions

Meet required regulations and industry standards, know what it takes to be best in class.

Safety Partners resolves questions during the pre-permitting stage and clarifies requirements vs. recommendations:

  • Lab facility layout and design
  • Hazardous materials: virgin and waste
  • Wastewater
  • Flammables
  • Vivarium
  • EHS-related planning for hazardous materials, processes, and equipment
  • Building-wide emergency preparedness

Bring Clarity to the Landlord and Tenant Relationship

Determining the EHS responsibilities of the landlord and tenant well in advance shortens the time to lease execution and allows tenants day one operations. It can also save you a lot of stress.

Safety Partners is immersed in regulations and accepted industry standards. Our review on lease language clarifies requirements that must be held by the landlord or tenant, and what can be designated to either party.

  • Identify hazardous materials: we define what is prohibited and what requires pre-approval
  • Establish tenant responsibilities: Delineate responsibilities for permits, daily compliance, and emergency preparedness

Tenant Responsibilities

Permits and Full-circle EHS Program

Safety Partners provides EHS operating permits, manuals, and training for tenants’ day-one operations. Our program is designed to grow and change at the pace of company growth.

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Protecting your Real Estate

Minimize Landlord Liability through Administrative Controls.

As a landlord there is no clear way to see the requisite hazardous materials scientists are handling in your building, nor how science will shift and change. Safety Partners creates, implements, and maintains a plan for control of hazards to minimize landlord liability.

By requiring tenants to periodically complete a Hazard Survey, landlords gain visibility on the status of the tenant EHS responsibilities. Safety Partners collaborates with landlords to analyze results and create follow up guidance for safety program improvements.

It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft, we have 550,000+.  Trust us to take the burden of EHS off of your shoulders. #safertogether

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