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First and foremost, we are scientists. It's what sets us apart.


First and foremost, we are scientists. It's what sets us apart.

Innately Curious. Lifelong Learners.

Safety Partners is a portal into a rich array of EHS experience and expertise, giving you a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Our workplace safety and compliance programs are smart, tailored and right-sized.

Our Quality, Research and Training team (QRT), is our differentiator. QRT keeps current with regulations, guidelines, and the pulse of industry best practices to provide our Consulting Officers on-going support to meet client challenges.

Clients reap the rewards – efficiency and service excellence.

Over 650,000 consulting hours for more than 900 life science companies. See Who We’ve Worked With

All the team members have bachelor’s degrees in the life sciences; many have master’s degrees, and some have earned a PhD. Learn how our team’s expertise lets you focus on yours

Safety Partners is proud to be recognized as a Certified Women Owned Business. Meet the Leadership Team

Proud Member of MassBio - Massachusetts Biotechnical Council
ABSA International - The Assocation for Biosafety and Biosecurity
American Society of Safety Professionals
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Our Team Approach

First to outsource: Right place, right time, right skill set.

It all started in 1992. During these early years there were small companies growing in Cambridge. Traction was building, the biotech sector was providing jobs for scientists.

In short order, dialed-in focus for scientific results became a mandate from the biotech financiers. One trickledown effect was the advent of outsourcing business needs, and eventually some scientific functions. Over the last 30+ years, outsourcing has bourgeoned.  Safety Partners invented the first outsourced, hands-on, on-going delivery of lab-based EHS programs.

The type of energy Safety Partners brings to a safety issue or a compliance challenge is palpably different. Our Consulting Safety Officer team leverages years of experience working in science and technology to develop peer-to-peer relationships with clients. The combination of science, technology and lab experience, along with EHS expertise, results in best in class, practical EHS solutions that fit company culture, technology and workflow.

Outsourcing EHS has advantages:

  • We take the distraction and angst off employee staff.
  • EHS is our main focus; deeper expertise leads to less stress and situations are assessed calmly.
  • Our relationships with agency representatives bring clarity to regulatory interpretation.
  • We give scientists back their time to focus on their most critical mission.

Who We Are

Safety Partners delivers quality and consistency with a team approach. Your dedicated Consulting Safety Officer is supported by a Team Leader and our Quality, Research and Training Specialists.

Consulting Safety Officers

CSOs combine their R&D experience and EHS expertise to work alongside clients to design and implement tailored EHS programs. Well versed in best practices for lab safety, hazardous materials, processes and equipment; CSOs are experts in risk assessment and provide customized procedures, policies, training and compliance programs.

Quality, Research and Training

QRT assures we can provide services with confidence by continuously monitoring and disseminating information on evolving regulations as well as current best practices for safety program delivery.  CSOs and QRT regularly engage in knowledge sharing and leverage each other’s experience to resolve client issues and provide the most accurate and current information.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders have wide-ranging experience developing, managing, and implementing comprehensive safety programs for life science companies. Our Team Leaders have held senior science positions at biotech and pharmaceutical research facilities. Their highly technical knowledge and perspective helps them oversee best practice laboratory safety and compliance programs.

Technician Consulting Safety Officers

TCSOs work in conjunction with a CSO to provide hands-on client support to maintain and facilitate site-specific EHS program elements.  Many of our tCSOs have bachelor’s degrees in the life sciences and/or related work experience with hazardous waste disposal.

Our Mission

Safety Partners creates and implements EHS programs and related services for science and technology companies working with hazardous materials, equipment and processes.  We deliver deep technical EHS expertise with a team approach.  From lab design through product development, our clients trust us to keep their employees safe, facilities compliant, and operations running smoothly; allowing them time for better science and successful products.

Our Vision

We will continue to be an essential ingredient in a nation-wide movement to promote and enact a culture of employee health and safety in organizations engaged in science and technology, from concept to product.  We are committed to keeping scientists and engineers safe, their labs compliant, and their operations running smoothly so their work is singularly focused on the next scientific breakthrough!

Our Values

  1. Respectfulness: We are all unique and we all add value.
  2. Curiosity: Growing our professional selves; we embrace an attitude of life-long learning. We are honored to be among the life science and EHS communities of forward thinkers.
  3. Ingenuity: We approach every client engagement with fresh eyes, taking time to learn company-specific details – no program we provide is identical to another.
  4. Connectivity: Surrounding ourselves with excellent people from all sorts of disciplines. Nothing happens without caring about the success of those around you. If others aren’t succeeding, you can be sure you won’t either.
  5. Constructive Honesty: Mentoring and supporting our colleagues and clients; knowing it is ok to suffer setbacks, provided you learn from them.

Leadership Team

Founder, CEO
President and COO
Senior Vice President, Finance
Senior Director, EHS Client Services
Vice President, Quality, Research and Training
Senior Director, Talent and HR, SHRM-SCP