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Caroline Slater Headshot

Caroline Slater

Vice President, Quality, Research and Training

As Vice President of Quality, Research and Training, Caroline ensures the consistency and quality of Safety Partners’ work by overseeing all aspects of knowledge management and best practices for its programs and trainings. Caroline regularly conducts research into emerging and changing regulations, and trains both clients and Safety Partners staff on regulations and safety standards. Caroline brings over three decades of laboratory experience as a research scientist and as an environmental health and safety consultant to her role.

Prior to joining Safety Partners in 2007, Caroline was Senior Associate Scientist at ALTANA Research Institute in Waltham, MA, where she actively served on the firm’s Safety Committee as a permanent member, first responder and assistant Radiation Safety Officer. Prior to ALTANA, Caroline served as Senior Research Associate and Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator at Cereon Genomics, LLC, in Cambridge, MA, and as a Research Associate at Matritech, Inc. in Newton, MA.