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“The Buck Stops Here!” – The CEO as the Ultimate Safety Officer

A few years ago, I had the good fortune of joining a super team of scientists at a for-profit chemistry lab. The team invented new organic and inorganic molecules for a wide array of industrial and consumer applications. I was very excited to be joining this team of smart, dedicated individuals as their new CEO.

Safety Tip Tuesdays – WIP Review

Wastestream information profiles (WIPs) establish the composition and hazards associated with the hazardous chemical waste streams generated at your facility.  It is very easy to establish your waste streams and never conduct an evaluation of their continued accuracy; however the importance of sporadic re-evaluations cannot be understated.

Holiday Safety Tip – If You Must Fry a Turkey, Don’t Be a Turkey!

With Thanksgiving Day upon us, we know many folks have started their own tradition of deep-frying a turkey. It all sounds yummy and kind of fun but teeters on the raggedy edge between deliciousness and danger. We reviewed several safety articles and newscasts about deep-frying turkeys.

Safety Tip Tuesdays – Laser Safety

Admit it.  Lasers are cool.   From Star Wars light sabers to laser shows at your favorite rock concert they have a way of capturing our attention.  In addition to being so cool, lasers serve many useful purposes in the lab.  They are often found integrated into research equipment such as FACS machines, or open on the research floor as part of medical and diagnostic device designs.

Safety is in Our DNA

Last week, Safety Partners had the pleasure of co-hosting The Third Annual Micro-Conference, Improving Lab Productivity in Cambridge, MA. The conference provided a collaborative venue for scientists, executives, lab managers, and sponsoring providers to share and learn about best practices for improving lab efficiency, regulatory compliance, and, of course, safety.

Incidents, Accidents, and Near Misses – Titanium: Beautiful but Dangerous

This report is part of the Safety Partners’ “Incidents, Accidents, and Near Misses” series. We are gathering information about incidents in laboratories and small-scale manufacturing operations from public and private sources in order to analyze and share lessons learned with the scientific and engineering community.

Environmental Health & Safety Firm Safety Partners, Inc. Names Chesley M. Chen As Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

EHS firm Safety Partners, Inc. today announced the appointment of Chesley Chen as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Chesley will oversee operations and strategic planning, including administration, marketing, and service delivery. Safety Partners, Inc., a pioneer in EHS for the life sciences industry, has provided workplace safety and compliance services to more than 275 laboratory and technology companies throughout New England since its founding in 1992.