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Calculate Your Estimated Annual Radiation Dose

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) publishes a personal annual radiation dose calculator, which can be used to estimate an individual’s average annual radiation dose based on risk factors. If you have not used this calculator before, it may be interesting to see what your projected annual dose is from natural and man-made sources of ionizing radiation.

Remember 2017 is a Renewal Year for Certified Wastewater Operators

Certified wastewater operators in MA are required to renew their certification every two years, with renewals due by December 31st of odd-numbered years. Active operators are required to obtain twenty training contact hours (TCHs) over the two-year renewal period. If you are like many other operators, you might be scrambling to complete your TCH criteria by the end of the year.

Consider Contractor Safety

Almost every facility utilizes contractors in some capacity, whether it is on a routine basis or a sporadic agreement for a specific project. Whenever you hire contractors, be sure to consider the contractor safety program that needs to be implemented.

Determine Applicability of OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application

OSHA is launching their Injury Tracking Application (ITA) for employers to electronically submit injury and illness data in compliance with the final rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses. Every facility should determine the applicability of 29 CFR 1904, Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, to their facility.

Recognize EHS Program Resources

Many people do not realize the extent of the resources that should be dedicated to an EHS program in order to make is successful. Implementing a comprehensive EHS program takes significant investment in both time and money.

Maintain a Sealed Source Inventory

If your facility is licensed to work with radioactive materials, there are more than likely sealed sources at your facility that need to be accounted for. Depending on when and how your radioactive material license was completed, they may be included on your license.

Address Chemicals of Specific Concern

Do you know which chemicals in your inventory are highly hazardous, require special handling procedures, or require specific storage considerations? There are various measures that can be put into place to screen and track chemicals of special concern so the answer to this question is always yes.

Don’t Let Safety Training Just Check a Box

It is easy to say that the importance of developing an effective safety training program should not be overlooked, but how do you put a fun and therefore effective safety training program into practice?

Review Ventilation Requirements

Have you taken the time to thoroughly review the ventilation system at your facility?  The answer to this question is hopefully yes, and as facility changes are initiated, ventilation consequences should be taken into consideration.

Should You Offer First Aid and CPR Training?

Does your company offer first aid and CPR training to employees on a voluntary basis? Of course if an AED is present in the company’s space, CPR and AED training needs to take place.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone in enjoying a safe and happy July 4th! As you are hopefully enjoying your favorite pass times, remember to be safe at home as well as in the workplace.