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Safe + Sound Week is Here

The second annual OSHA Safe + Sound week has arrived!  It is not too late to participate in this fun event.  Take a moment to check out who else is participating and what activities they are holding. 

Review Control Areas

When evaluating expansion space or entirely new space, be sure to evaluate the control areas. The Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ) of Hazardous Material per Control Area table in 527 CMR 1 establishes the limits for hazardous materials storage.

Recycling In Labs: Key Issues to Consider

It started with pipet tip boxes, which were piling up in labs with many hoping to find a way of recycling them. Recycling was fully implemented for homes, but there were limited options for labs. The demand for implementing a recycling program for cardboard boxes and styrofoam was also high based on the high generation of these waste materials as well.

Revisit Manuals

When facilities are established, safety manuals need to be put into place. Customization of the initial manuals can be challenging when the full scope of lab operations is not completely certain.  As work evolves and work practices become firmly established, updates to the manuals may be necessary.

 OSHA’s Exposure and Medical Record Standard

OSHA’s Access to employee exposure and medical records standard, 29 CFR 1910.1020, stipulates the requirements for medical and exposure records.  The requirements for how to keep these
records as well as the retention of these records is specified in this standard.

Materials of Trade

There will inevitably be a time when you are asked about how to transport a small quantity of a hazardous material to another location without going through the process of hiring a licensed hazardous material transporter. Some situations like the transport of samples to a collaborating facility may fall under the Materials of Trade classification

Stay Cool and Happy July 4th!

I hope everyone enjoys a safe, cool, and happy 4th of July week! It is definitely hot out there this week, and OSHA is encouraging employers to protect workers from heat-related illnesses and hazards.

myRCRAid Comes to MA!

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) has adopted the use of the Environmental Protection Agency’s myRCRAid system. This online resource is now used to help obtain hazardous waste generator identification numbers and manage hazardous waste generator profiles. 

Keep Emergency Contacts’ Information Updated

When was the last time you updated the emergency contact information posted throughout your facility?  How readily available are the phone numbers for your emergency coordinator, back up emergency coordinator, and safety officers?

Plan Safe + Sound Week

OSHA is promoting their second annual Safe + Sound Week, which is taking place August 13-19, 2018. This week is intended to raise awareness around workplace safety and encourage the proactive implementation of strong safety programs.