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Visit OSHA’s Occupational Chemical Database

If you have not had a chance to check out OSHA’s relatively new Occupational Chemical Database, I recommend visiting the site to explore this great resource.  This database compiles information from various organizations and government agencies and places them into a resource that shares various exposure limits, sampling information, physical properties, and other resources for an extensive list of chemicals.

If you have not done so already, start using this database when exploring potential occupational exposure to chemical hazards.  When an individual chemical is reviewed in the database, the CAS number, formula, and synonyms are displayed at the top of the screen.  The physical properties, including NFPA ratings, flash point, LEL, UEL, and more are displayed in the next table.  Available sampling information is listed in various formats.  And then there is an exposure limits table, which includes OSHA PEL, NIOSH REL, ACGIH TLV, and Cal/OSHA PEL data.  Links to NIOSH’s Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards and NOAA’s CAMEO chemical are also provided.

Add this great tool to your toolbox when researching potential occupational exposures to hazardous chemicals.

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