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Boston Lab Space Expands to the Suburbs

Over the last few years in Boston, we’ve seen an increasing trend of limited lab space in the city and more companies moving out to the suburbs – COVID-19 has only sped up this process.

This trend is partly due to the health crisis exacerbating shortages in the already tight Boston market, particularly in Cambridge (the epicenter of the state’s life sciences industry), and companies seeking lower rents found in the suburbs.

In this post, we’ll share what experts have been seeing with this phenomenon and what benefits they see in having lab and office space in the suburbs vs. Cambridge/Boston.

This past August, Safety Partners hosted a webinar with a group of partners representing architects, construction management, project management, and real estate brokers called a Primer on Moving Out, where we gave an overview of the keys to a successful lab relocation.  Understanding the markets is an important factor to consider.

In September, we had the opportunity to […]

Do Safer Companies Outperform Others in the Stock Market? Apparently “Yes”.

We’ve been wondering if safer companies actually outperform others.

Dr. Diane Chen of the Harvard School of Public Health pointed us to a fascinating study, “The Link Between Workforce Health and Safety and the Health of the Bottom Line” (Fabius et al, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vol. 55, No. 9, September 2013, web). The answer appears to be “yes”.

The study built a hypothetical investment portfolio of safe, healthy, publicly traded companies and compared their stock performance to the S&P 500. Lo and behold, according to the study the portfolio of safe, healthy companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 80% between 1999 and 2012 and by 4.6% on an annualized basis.

The research team examined the publicly traded winners of the annual Corporate Health Achievement Award (CHAA) as determined by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The CHAA looks at 17 distinct factors ranging from executive leadership to workplace safety to workplace wellness. Of the 17 factors, 9 factors relate directly to workplace […]