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Treat Temporary Employees As Your Own Employees

When temporary employees are hired at your facility, remember that the host employer and the staffing agency are jointly responsible for ensuring a safe work environment for temporary employees.  In these situations, the temporary staffing agency and host employer share responsibility and control over the workers’ job duties.  Due to the joint control, OSHA views the obligation to provide training, maintain a safe work environment, and maintain required records as a joint responsibility.

If temporary employees are hired to conduct work at your facility, ensure that they go through the same EHS training as permanent employees.  Do not assume that the staffing agency is going to provide them with the necessary training and ensure compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations.  The Hazard Communication Standard, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and Lab Standard are examples of OSHA standards that employers need to comply with for all employees, both permanent and temporary. The host employer and staffing agency should have clear communication about who is handling each aspect of applicable regulatory requirements.  

Employers should treat temporary employees the same as they treat their own employees when it comes to the established safety program. 

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