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Tracking Biological Waste

Medical and biological waste is regulated in Massachusetts by 105 CMR 480, Minimum Requirements for the Management of Medical or Biological Waste. Make sure your facility is managing and tracking waste in compliance with the State Sanitary Code.

There are various waste management, disposal, disinfection, and record-keeping stipulations in the Sanitary Code. All medial and biological waste removed from a facility for off-site treatment and disposal must be manifested for shipping. Waste generators are responsible for confirming that the waste was received by the off-site treatment facility within 30 days of shipment, which must be documented on the medical waste tracking form. All documentation should be complete, organized, and maintained for the stipulated period of time.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued medical or biological waste record-keeping logs for both on-site and off-site treatment. The off-site treatment form needs to be completed for all waste shipped for off-site treatment, and an on-site treatment form needs to be maintained for the treatment of biological waste as stipulated in the Sanitary Code.

Make sure that these forms are being completed in addition to maintaining the biological waste manifests.

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