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Tips for Integrating EHS Into Daily Work

The annual “national day for the environment”, Earth Day, is happening tomorrow, April 22, 2015. I think everyone knows and agrees that environmental awareness should be a part of daily life. Following are some tips for integrating your EHS program into the daily life of employees at your facility.

Involving the end users in the development of policies and procedures will promote compliance. End users can provide feedback on what will challenge their workflow, and working together to develop creative solutions promotes camaraderie and compliance on a daily basis. In addition, researchers will be more aware of the policies in place and more likely to comply on a daily basis. When weekly or monthly meetings are held, such as group meetings and company meetings, consider allocating five minutes at the beginning or end of the meeting to talk about EHS. Having a company official stand up and talk about EHS for two minutes at a company meeting can impact the daily compliance and proactive consideration of EHS topics. When conducting EHS training sessions, consider alternative training sessions such as scavenger hunts, crossword puzzles, or interactive games. A weekly trivia game or weekly safety tip can promote EHS awareness. And similar to Earth Day, consider having a designated Safety Day!

The more you can integrate EHS into the daily work life of your employees, the safer your employees will be!

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