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Start Preparing for e-Manifests Coming in June

The EPA is planning to launch their long anticipated Electronic Manifest System (e-Manifest) this June. There are a couple of tasks that regulated entities can do now in order to prepare for the roll out of this system.

As many of you know already, the Hazardous Waste Electronic Establishment Act was enacted in October 2012. This act authorized EPA to implement a national electronic manifest system and establish user fees to recoup the cost of development and operation. The “One Year Rule” then established the framework for using e-manifests. EPA has actively sought input throughout the process and has provided regular updates on the progress during development. During one of the last updates, they provided tips for what regulated entities can do to prepare prior to the roll out in June. For states and territories that are currently using one of the RCRA industry applications, site managers can be registered now which will allow the site managers automatic access to e-manifests once launched. EPA recommends having at least two site managers for each site. If a regulated site does not have an EPA identification, they can request an EPA ID from their State office now. State Environmental Protection contacts can be contacted for assistance with this process.

Take the EPA’s advice and start preparing now for e-Manifests coming in June. It will be here before we know it, even though that seems hard to believe!

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