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Share Hazard Assessments

There seem to be more and more facilities operating with shared laboratory space these days. Some facilities have very clearly defined and distinct lab space for each company, and some facilities offer the opportunity to share bench space and equipment. In either case, it is important to have a process in place to review hazards for each company.

The use of a hazard assessment form, tenant laboratory survey, or other form of review establishes a clear process to document and review risks associated with all work being conducted. Companies can complete the form when they move into the space, as hazards change, on an annual basis, or at another established frequency. Having a formal process in place helps ensure that everyone is aware of the hazards in the labs, and helps set criteria for proper work practices. Overall EHS responsibilities may fall on the hosting company, it may fall on the individual tenants, or it may fall on both depending on how the facility is set up.

Whether you are in incubator space, subleasing directly from another company, or a landlord managing multiple tenants, be sure that everyone is aware of the hazards present in the lab.

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