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Safety Tip Tuesdays – Spill Response

Do you know who to call if you are involved with a spill?  How to determine if the spill is controlled or uncontrolled?  Do you know what measures to take to handle a controlled or uncontrolled spill scenario?

There are many factors to consider when evaluating spill situations and planning for emergency response.  Generally speaking, a controlled spill is a spill that can be cleaned up with a buddy, using the contents of the spill kit readily available. It also poses little risk to the health and safety of the knowledgeable personnel cleaning the spill and there is no risk of an environmental release. An uncontrolled spill poses risk to the personnel involved in spill clean-up and has the potential risk for release to the environment. There may also be a risk of fire or explosion or a reaction.  Because of the potential risks associated with an uncontrolled spill, the first response is to evacuate.  All spills can only be cleaned by appropriately trained persons, and the level of training required depends on the emergency action plan established at the facility.  As best practice, individuals being called to make decisions on spill response should attend First Responder Operations Level (FROL) training.

We’re holding a FROL training at our office in Bedford on October 29, 2013.

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