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Remember to Review Wastewater Sampling Results

For many MWRA Category 2 permit holders, semi-annual wastewater effluent sampling must be conducted by December 31st. Even though the results are submitted directly to the MWRA, permit holders are responsible for reviewing the results and notifying the MWRA of any issues of non-compliance.

In accordance with 360 CMR 10.00, the sample analysis must be conducted by an independent laboratory with DEP certification or NELAP accreditation for the parameters being analyzed. These laboratories will submit the results of the wastewater sampling directly to the MWRA via an electronic reporting system. The company requesting the sampling in accordance with their permit will receive the results as well, and is responsible for immediately reviewing all results. If any parameters are detected above the discharge limits established in the facility permit or 360 CMR 10, the MWRA must be notified within 24 hours of becoming aware of the violation. Within 30 days, the permit holder is responsible for repeating the sampling and submitting the subsequent analysis to the MWRA.

Of course, prior to conducting re-sampling, a permit holder should thoroughly investigate the cause of any results above discharge limits. The source of the elevated discharge needs to be determined, and corrective measures put in place to prevent any reoccurrence of the elevated discharge. The investigation should include discussing new processes or procedures, and any new materials in use with lab researchers to evaluate potential changes to the effluent.

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