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Reduce Long-Lived Radioactive Waste Generation

If your facility is located in MA and is licensed to work radioactive materials, you should have recently received the Calendar Year 2015 Radioactive Waste Survey. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Radiation Control Program requires all licensed facilities to complete a survey every year declaring the generation of long-lived radioactive waste during the preceding calendar year.

Long-lived radioactive waste is generated from the use of radioactive material with a half-life greater than 120 days. While completing the 2015 survey, consider taking time to brainstorm on ways to decrease the amount of radioactive waste generated at your facility. Are there measures that could be put into place, such as working on plastic trays rather than bench pads, which would reduce the amount of waste generated from your site-specific work practices? The ultimate goal of course is to decrease the amount of waste being sent for off-site disposal. However, any reduction in waste would also reduce the amount of time spent managing the waste and reduce the money spent for off-site disposal. So rather than just completing the survey and submitting it, consider what could be done during 2016 to reduce the numbers next year.

The DPH Radiation Control Program Radioactive Waste Survey has typically been due on or around March 1st every year. The due date for the calendar year 2015 survey has been changed to February 1, 2016, so be sure to have this completed and returned to RCP on time!

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