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New Plumbing Board Policy Enacted

On February 7, 2018, the Plumbing Board enacted a policy that adopts the ANSI Z-358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewashes and Shower Equipment. The MA Uniform State Plumbing Code, 248 CMR 10.00, ANSI Z-358.1 standard, and OSHA regulations present several inconsistencies with requirements for the installation, operation, and maintenance of emergency eyewashes and safety showers. This enactment of this policy intends to provide clarity around these inconsistencies.

One requirement enacted by this policy that has substantial impact on new construction and renovation projects is the requirement to provide the local plumbing inspector with an assurance of weekly flushing of emergency eyewash and safety showers. Owners involved with new construction or renovation projects must certify that the weekly flushing will be of long enough duration to empty the volume of the supply water from the circulated tempered piping loop main to the fixture outlet. The intent of this is of course to prevent the build up of stagnant water in the emergency fixtures. There are several other requirements stipulated in this policy.

Local plumbing inspectors are enforcing the stipulations found in this policy, and may require this official assurance prior to signing off on construction projects. If you are involved in a construction or renovation project, be prepared when the plumbing inspector requests this assurance.

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