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Know Local Ordinances

Life Science companies are regulated at the Federal, State, and Local level by various regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the site and activities conducted. At the local level, many towns and cities have their own ordinances that are enforced by various departments within the city or town government.

When considering relocating or when starting new operations, it is important to know what local ordinances are enforced within the town or city where your business operations will take place. Local Board of Health Departments and Fire Departments sometimes require specific lab registrations or hazardous material permits, above and beyond a flammable storage permit. Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the number of Board of Health Departments that are promulgating local ordinances for research utilizing rDNA technology. Make sure you dig into the local ordinances and obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and registrations applicable to your facility and its operations.

In addition, all local regulatory agencies have their own intricacies when enforcing the regulations that fall under their jurisdiction. Having knowledge of how to navigate these intricacies makes the application process much smoother, as well as renewals of established permits, licenses, and registrations.

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