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It’s Hot Out There!

The snow piles have finally officially all melted, and it is hot out there! Did you know that OSHA has a Heat Safety Tool available for download?

The app calculates the heat index based on the temperature and humidity, and then displays the risk level for workers conducting job duties outdoors. Precautions for workers to take based on the determined risk level are then available for review. According to OSHA, the heat index can increase by fifteen degrees from working in full sunlight! This is an important fact to remember if your job duties take you outdoors on hot summer days. Taking breaks, drinking plenty of fluids, and being trained to recognize signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses are important safety measures to remember when working outdoors. All workers should be trained on how to respond to an emergency situation arising from heat related illnesses because prompt medical attention is critical.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer!

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