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Going Green Awards

On August 18, 2022, the EPA announced that it is accepting nominations for next year’s Green Chemistry Challenge Awards for companies and institutions that have designed or developed products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation and use of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and people’s health. For more information about green chemistry, click here: Green Chemistry.

Technologies that have won these awards in the past have protected people, stimulated economic growth, and saved resources. According to the announcement, “Winning technologies are responsible for annually reducing the use or generation of hundreds of millions of pounds of hazardous chemicals, saving billions of gallons of water, and eliminating billions of pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents.”

The 2023 program will recognize winners in six categories, focusing on three areas as outlined below.

  1. Focus Area 1: Greener Synthetic Pathways
  2. Focus Area 2: Greener Reaction Conditions
  3. Focus Area 3: The Design of Greener Chemicals
  4. Specific Environmental Benefit: Climate Change (for a technology in any of the three focus areas that reduces greenhouse gas emissions)
  5. Small Business* (for a technology in any of the three focus areas developed by a small business)
  6. Academic (for a technology in any of the three focus areas developed by an academic researcher)

*A small business for purposes of this award must have annual sales of less than $40 million, including all domestic and foreign sales by the company, its subsidiaries, and its parent company.

For more information on the Green Chemistry Challenge Awards, please see the official announcement here: EPA News Release -2023 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards or visit the informational website here: Green Chemistry Challenge. The agency is also hosting an educational webinar on September 28th. If you are interested in attending, follow this link to the Webinar Registration page.


This blog was written by Kim E. Folger, Training and Development Manager.

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