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Do Not Ignore the Face Shield Sitting There

A full-face shield and cryo gloves should be available for use in areas where liquid nitrogen is dispensed. It is all too common to see individuals opt to ignore the available PPE when dispensing liquid nitrogen.

Why should you always remember to use the face shield and cryo gloves sitting by the liquid nitrogen tank and remind others to do the same? Your skin and eyes need to be protected from the effects of contact with liquid nitrogen, which will freeze and kill tissue that comes in direct contact with it. Safety glasses, a buttoned lab coat, long pants or a long skirt, and shoes that provide full foot coverage should also be worn, and are often required upon entering any laboratory space. When the need to dispense liquid nitrogen arises, it is tempting to assume that your lab coat and safety glasses will provide sufficient personal protection, and not take the extra minute to put the cryo gloves and face shield sitting right next to the tank on.

Donning the face shield and cryo gloves is a critical step to take to avoid the risk of splash or splatter coming in contact with your skin or eyes. Avoid having to tell the story about how you took a short cut because you were in a rush, and liquid nitrogen splashed in your face.

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