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Consider Contractor Safety

Almost every facility utilizes contractors in some capacity, whether it is on a routine basis or a sporadic agreement for a specific project. Whenever you hire contractors, be sure to consider the contractor safety program that needs to be implemented.

Key areas for consideration include safety training the individuals working at your facility receive, where they would go in the event of an accident requiring medical attention, incident recordkeeping, and other occupational health matters. From a regulatory perspective, the responsibility of providing training and injury recordkeeping mainly depends on which employer supervises the daily activities of the contractor. Some contract employers provide excellent training to their staff and others provide very limited training. In either case, you want to be sure that all contractors are trained on the hazards present at your workplace.

Establishing clear emergency response procedures is critical so both contractors and employees know what to do in the event of an incident. Be sure to create clear lines of communication between your facility and the contracting employer so safety concerns can be addressed as necessary.

If contractors are working in your workplace, be sure to consider a contractor safety program.

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