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Conduct Routine Inventories of Flammable Storage

When was the last time that you conducted an inventory of the flammable materials stored at your facility? A weekly or monthly inventory may be necessary if you are strictly limited by the volumes allowed in accordance with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code.

Many companies run into challenges with the storage of Class I flammable liquids in accordance with the thresholds allowed per control area. The higher the floor in the building, the more stringent the permitted storage becomes, and some multi-tenant buildings require tenants to share control areas. In some cases, facilities are forced to look for additional storage on the first floor of the building to accommodate their raw material and waste storage needs. This dictates the need for delivery of raw materials in time for use, and daily checks for removal of full waste containers.

In cases where the storage needs are not as close to the allowable thresholds, it is still best practice to conduct routine inventories of flammable material storage. An annual inventory may be sufficient in these cases.

Evaluate the flammable material storage limits for your facility and conduct routine inventories to ensure compliance with these limits.

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