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Be Thankful for Successes

We should be thankful for the successes we experience with our EHS programs, and remember to discuss them during safety committee meetings, company meetings, or general company updates!

Many times, safety committee meeting conversations focus on reviewing incidents and near-misses, suggested policy implementation, and necessary improvements to the EHS program in place.

Remember to add an agenda item focused on sharing success stories related to your EHS program!  Safety committee meeting agendas can become over-packed with to-do list items, leaving very little room to share what has been accomplished in the EHS program.

Successful regulatory inspections should be discussed, and highlights of the most successful interactions with the regulator should be shared.  A scientist proactively reaching out to safety personnel to request a risk assessment or a review of hazardous materials being proposed for use could be exemplified to encourage others to do the same.  A near miss that resulted in implementation of modified work practices which prevented an actual incident or injury from occurring might encourage increased reporting of near misses.  Discussing an annual training session that was interactive and resulted in increased compliance with established procedures would remind everyone that training is more than just checking off a box for compliance.

Spending the first five minutes of a company meeting discussing the recent accomplishments with your EHS program can have a significant impact, especially if the message is delivered by senior management.

Including safety in the internal company announcements will also have a positive impact on your program.  Remember to keep sharing the great work done by all staff to implement a successful EHS program!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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