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Be Curious

Safety Partners is celebrating our 25th Anniversary today, October 24, 2017! Having been with the company for over half of those years, this celebration makes me reflect on how important is it to be curious, creative, and practical when implementing EHS programs.

Curiosity can lead to the development of robust EHS programs with depth that could not be achieved otherwise. Asking the ‘what if’ questions can help look around the corner to prevent incident and accidents from occurring. Being inquisitive and having technical discussions with scientists will lead to the development of feasible work practices that will be followed by those scientists. When one suggested solution to an issue does not work out, being creative with alternative solutions to achieve the same goal demonstrates the desire to work together to keep everyone safe.

Even when conducting routine safety checks in the labs, keep an eye and ear out for changes or areas that may need more attention. Ask about new pieces of equipment, observe work practices, and learn as much as you can about the daily lab activities. Be curious so you can develop a robust EHS program that scientists are happy to be a part of.

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