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Avoid Discharge Violations

As companies grow, the chemical inventory changes, the biological inventory changes, and lab procedures evolve. Remember to remind all lab workers of the sink disposal requirements.

Facilities with industrial wastewater discharge will have a permit with the regulatory agency having jurisdiction. This permit will stipulate the sampling and reporting requirements specific to the facility. As new employees are hired, they need to be trained on proper sink disposal practices. When new chemicals are ordered, part of the hazard review should be disposal requirements. As different biological agents are proposed for use, part of the risk assessment should include proper disinfection procedures for sink disposal. Every person working with a biological material needs to know the proper disinfectant for that particular material, which can become confusing as the number of available disinfectants increases. The daily sink limits for radioactive materials should be reviewed at least annually to ensure that the allowances are appropriate.

Whether your facility is required to conduct sampling every six months, every year, or every five years, the daily discharge limits must be complied with on an ongoing basis. Make sure all lab workers are following your site specific sink disposal requirements to avoid discharge violations.

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