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ASHRAE 110-2016

ASHRAE 110, Methods of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods, has been updated to a 2016 version. This standard, which covers a quantitative test procedure for testing fume hood operation, was first developed in 1985 and last revised in 1995.

There are many factors that affect fume hood performance, and this standard aims to take these factors into consideration when testing proper operation. The major changes include requiring digital collection of data instead of manual data collection, modifications to the test procedure, expansion of Appendix A, and a new non-mandatory Appendix B that provides guidance on investigating poor fume hood performance.

There are several other guidelines and standards covering fume hood installation, testing, and maintenance, but fume hoods need to be tested and certified in accordance with the ASHRAE 110 standard on an annual basis. Once a fume hood successfully passes this test, a certification sticker will be adhered to the fume hood to indicate the necessary sash location for proper operation.

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