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2018 Safety Tip Roundup

In 2018, we shared 49 safety tips to provide information on compliance, safety, and organization that can help your lab work in accordance with all guidelines!

Safety Santa, the bearer of lab coats, aprons and glasses to scientists all over the world, swung into the office last night and left us a roundup of 12 of his favorite tips!


  1. Avoid Unknowns
  2. Share Hazard Assessments
  3. Keep Emergency Planning Documents up to Date
  4. Update Inspection Preparedness Guidance
  5. Remember Proper Lab Attire
  6. Keep Emergency Contacts Information Updated
  7. End of Year Program Review
  8. Avoid Offering Respirators Just In Case
  9. Not Just a Label
  10. Review Control Areas
  11. Establish a Clear Cell Phone Policy
  12. Happy Holidays


We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!


Your friends at Safety Partners

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