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The Ergonomics of Working from Home

The Ergonomics of Working from Home

One of Safety Partners’ Consulting Safety Officers, that specializes in Ergonomics, shares creative solutions for setting up a work from home space with the goals of promoting wellness and preventing injury. The discussion includes factors that cause ergonomic injuries and how to set up your home workstation in order to avoid them.

Who should take this course?

People who have temporarily or permanently set up an office or workstation at home could benefit from taking this course.

Course Logistics

The Ergonomics of Working from Home can be taken on any device with internet capability. The course will take students approximately 35 minutes to complete. Students have the ability to “pause” the lesson and continue it at a later time. After successful completion of the course, the student will be prompted to print out a “certificate of completion” for their records. A copy of this certificate should also be kept in the company’s Central Safety files, if necessary to comply with internal recordkeeping requirements.


The cost of this Ergonomics web-based training course is $99 per person.