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X-Ray Equipment Registration

In accordance with 105 CMR 120, analytical x-ray equipment, including bone densitometers, x-ray crystallography systems, and diffractometers, needs to be registered with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Radiation Control Program (RCP).  Scanning electron microscopes also require registration.

Once a registration is complete, be sure to check the expiration date.  Establishing a reminder well in advance of the expiration date will alleviate the potential for a lapse in registration.  Any updates to the location of the equipment must be filed with RCP.  If the equipment is transferred to another company within Massachusetts, it needs to be registered under the new owner and location.  If company relocation occurs and the equipment is transferred to the new location, RCP needs to be made aware of the transition to a new address.  If equipment is transferred out of state, the destination state specific requirements would need to be reviewed, and the MA registration cancelled.

As is the case with most registrations, filing the application and receiving the completed registration in the mail does not fulfill all requirements.  A full safety program including training, surveys, signage, dosimetry evaluation, etc. needs to be developed and implemented to support the registration.

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