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What Successful Safety Leadership Looks Like

In this quarter’s blog series, our President and COO, Jennifer Reilly, shares her insights and updates in the life sciences industry from a safety perspective.

A common mantra at Safety Partners is “Once a client, always a client.”  Although the level of support changes over time, when we engage with a client, we enter the relationship with long-term goals and aspirations for the support we are going to provide.  We are keen to keep track of how they are growing and changing so we too can not only keep pace with them but be one step ahead.  It all comes down to the importance of being a good partner…it’s in our name!  We don’t just want to be a service provider but want to partner with our clients.

Partner vs. Provider:

True partnerships do not happen overnight.  It is the investment of time and some key elements that help us go from a service provider to a partner.  The partnership with our clients starts with the science, we leverage the scientific background of our consultants to deliver environmental health and safety programs to life science and technology companies.  This is the basis for building that initial partnership, we are always working to understand new and emerging science and technologies in the greater biotech ecosystem so we can better understand our clients.  This understanding is one key element of forging these successful partnerships and helps us provide customized solutions.


Partnerships cannot be built without good listening.  We do not want to approach our clients with a generic, cookie-cutter solution.  We take the time to listen to their needs.  The innately curious nature of our consultants leads to asking many questions and active listening to really understand the needs of the clients.  This includes client employees at all levels of the company and especially the scientists or engineers in the lab spaces doing the work.  We want to ensure we are putting the best solutions in place that will be easy for them to comply with.


Ultimately, we cannot have a partnership without trust.  That takes a continuum for support and service delivery that hits the mark and the tougher conversations when tweaks are needed.  We want our clients to always know we have their back, and they can trust us to support their operations.  We do not take any of these elements lightly in our client engagements.  We look forward to continuing to build these relationships as the cornerstone of our support for our clients.

This blog was written by Jennifer Reilly, our President, and COO.

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