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What Is Your View of the Hazards?

Have you ever asked the scientists working in the labs at your facility what they view as the highest hazards associated with their work? Do you know what their answers would be if you did ask them this question?

It is possible that you would discover some hidden hazards associated with particular pieces of equipment, processes, or procedures if you asked this question. This is also an excellent way to find out more about the hazardous materials being manipulated within each lab. If you have asked this question in the past, consider how long it has been since you explored the answers and how many staffing changes have occurred since then.

It may seem like a relatively simple question to ask, but the importance of exploring this question should not be underestimated. You may discover that the scientists’ views of the highest hazards associated with their day to day activities are different than your view. Taking the time to ask this question could also lead to building a proactive approach to implementing safety at your facility.

What is your view of the highest hazards associated with your work? Ask this question and see what kind of answers you uncover.

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