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Try Creative Solutions

Have you ever felt like you are spinning your wheels and can’t make any progress, even for something as basic as obtaining compliance with your personal protective equipment policy?

If you have ever been there, I’m sure you realized that you needed to try a different approach to increase your chance of success.

The ability to offer creative solutions when presented with push back on recommendations for the EHS program at your facility is essential to establishing a robust EHS program. When one approach is not successful, it is worth trying to adapt rather than dig your heels in and push forward. Creative solutions do not have to be complicated by any stretch of the imagination. Safety committee meetings can be used to brainstorm ideas, and having a clear understanding of the reason behind the push back will certainly help the discussion.

Scientists want to focus on their science. If you are in a situation where a scientist is telling you that it is impossible to follow the recommended safe work practices, take the time to talk through the issues and offer creative solutions to keep them safe. Implementing practical solutions will dramatically increase the chance of compliance.

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