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Take Advantage of e-Manifest Resources

Be sure to take advantage of the available resources that provide guidance on the implementation of e-manifests.  From what I have been seeing and hearing, there are many questions surrounding this topic.  EPA has issued a very useful e-Manifest Frequently Asked Questions summary that provides guidance on the logistics of the e-manifest system.  If you have not taken the time to read through this FAQ thoroughly, it is well worth the time spent as it provides valuable information.  You will find answers to questions about submission requirements, the new 5-manifest form, user fees, paper manifests, hybrid manifests, and much more.

Fact sheets, which provide summaries of the impacts for each stakeholder, are also available as great resource tools.  Generators of hazardous waste have a dedicated fact sheet explaining how the launch of the e-manifest system will impact them.  A separate Frequently Asked Questions about the Final Rule provides guidance on the user fees.

I suggest you take the time to review these great resources.  If you have questions about e-manifests, it is likely you will find the answers in one of these FAQs or fact sheets.

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