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Set a Good Example

When you walk into the lab space at your institution, do you put on safety glasses and a lab coat? Do you wear closed toe shoes and full leg coverage any time you enter the labs?

Be sure to set a good example and comply with the personal protective equipment policy established at your institution. Even if you are entering the lab for a few minutes, just to talk to someone working in the lab, be sure you don all of the required PPE established in your PPE policy. During the summer months, it is easy to be tempted to wear sandals and shorts into the lab. Remember you never know when an incident will occur and it is important to always protect yourself with the necessary PPE.

If you are a member of your institution’s safety committee or serve as a safety officer, set a good example for others to follow. Compliance will increase across all staff if others wear the necessary PPE. Setting a good example and friendly reminders will encourage lab staff to put on their safety glasses and lab coat upon entering any lab space without even thinking about it.

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