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Safety Survey Says

If you were to survey the scientists in your labs about their view of the EHS program at your facility, what do you think they would have to say?

Involving scientists in the development of the EHS policies and procedures is a key to successful implementation of an EHS program. Developing a policy that is impossible to follow will lead to short cuts being taken and non-compliance, so involve the end users from the start. Even when this approach is taken, it is good to check in with scientists on a regular basis to see what changes have been made to the procedures they are following and how they feel the EHS program integrates into their daily activities.

One tool that can be used to obtain feedback is a safety survey, which could be distributed to all employees to obtain feedback on how they feel the EHS program is implemented. General questions about how employees feel EHS is perceived as well as very specific questions about how EHS is a part of daily activities should be included in the survey. Paper handouts could be distributed and returned anonymously, or an electronic survey could be developed –whatever you feel would be the easiest for employee to participate in.

There may be great suggestions looming out there that would not be brought up otherwise!

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