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Safety Partners Celebrates 400 of the Best and Brightest!

Who are The 400?

They are the 400 companies that Safety Partners has served during our 25-year history.

They are the companies that created the Greater Cambridge/Boston Biotech Ecosystem, the Biotech Hub of the Universe.

They are the 400 companies that, with the help of Safety Partners, invented the Gold Standard in lab-based environmental, health and safety.

They are companies both large and small… from the earliest start-ups to the most well-established companies in the world.

They are the people that have invented and continue to invent transformative therapies for cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, type 2 diabetes, and others… from the rarest of diseases to the most prevalent.

Safety Partners would like to acknowledge and thank the Greater Cambridge/Boston science community for the privilege of serving them.

We continue to keep companies safe so that their people may continue to save lives.

Our job is to think about how we can help people work safely. The trickle-down effect of a solid safety program is a happy, healthy team and a positive corporate culture.

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