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Safety Partners Awarded Honorable Mention at Top 100 Women-Led Businesses Breakfast

Recently on behalf of Safety Partners, I attended the Commonwealth Institute and Globe Magazine’s Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts awards breakfast along with our Director of EHS Services, Jennifer Reilly. The ceremony was held at the R Waterfront Hotel in Boston’s Seaport district. What an honor to be among the 400+ successful women and men celebrating Massachusetts’ top-grossing women-led organizations—Safety Partners received Honorable Mention!

Of the panelists, I especially enjoyed shaking hands with Adelene Perkins, President and CEO of Infinity Pharmaceuticals. I see her each year at BioBall, the annual round-robin basketball tournament benefitting the Special Olympics, and was finally able to compliment her impressive free-throw (watch out LeBron).

The fact that Safety Partners was considered worthy of nomination tells me a few things. First, we have a healthy business, providing excellent and on-target services. Second, we’re spinning in the right networking circles (our friends are likely the ones who nominated us) and growing solid relationships. Third, Safety Partners wouldn’t earn such accolades without the energy and dedication of its employees—you all got us to this point: your vested interest and hard work to achieve results for our clients is the most important part of Safety Partners.

All of these things are indispensable parts of what keeps our brand and business strong. Maybe next year we can make it to the top 100!

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