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Review Permit and License Conditions

As EHS permits and licenses are received, amended, and renewed, be sure to review the conditions stipulated in the permit or license upon receipt. Avoid the temptation to be happy that the final document has been received, and just file it away in your central recordkeeping location. It is important that everyone involved in the application process is aware of this requirement to avoid potential issues of non-compliance.

If permits and licenses are issued to different individuals within the company, be sure that one person is responsible for ensuring that all permits and licenses are received and current. This will avoid the potential for renewals falling through the cracks, or confusion around the permits and licenses held. This point person should also be responsible for verifying that the conditions of issued permits and licenses have been reviewed, and a plan is in place to ensure compliance with those conditions. There may be sampling requirements, record keeping requirements, submittal requirements, and more, which are integral to complying with holding a particular permit or license. Avoid falling into the trap of filing the final document without thoroughly reviewing it first.

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