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Remember Proper Lab Attire

The holiday season is here! If your company is participating in any kind of seasonal activities, remind employees to continue to comply with the established PPE policy. Hopefully the policy requires certain personal attire while working in the labs in addition to the use of personal protective equipment appropriate for the hazards present.

Closed toe shoes and full leg coverage should be required for all lab work, and there should be no exception to this rule. Clothing that is loose fitting can also present hazards while working in the labs. Running into the lab to talk to someone about the party tonight without proper PPE should not be permitted. Incidents can happen at any time.

It is a good idea to have a few pairs of scrubs available for use when individuals forget to wear proper personal attire. Having to wear scrubs once or twice might also encourage people to remember proper attire.

Stay focused in the lab and wear appropriate lab attire so you can enjoy the festivities!

Happy Holidays!

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