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Remember IATA Training

Any time a shipment of a hazardous substance is being prepared at your facility, it is important to have the appropriately trained individuals involved. Department of Transportation (DOT) training is required for individuals shipping hazardous substances, and signing a shippers’ declaration. In addition, IATA training is required for any shipment of dangerous goods being sent via air.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulates the transport of dangerous goods via aircraft, both domestically and internationally. The 56th Edition of the Dangerous Goods Regulations became effective January 1, 2015. This training is often overlooked when companies assume that their hazmat employees are trained for all shipments after sending them to DOT training. IATA training should be good for two years once completed.

Two items that are shipped fairly regularly which are considered dangerous goods are dry ice and lithium batteries. So remember to have your hazmat employees attend all of the training necessary for the shipments of hazardous materials leaving your facility.

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