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Remember Hazardous Waste Containers Must Be Closed

310 CMR 30, MA Department of Environmental Protection’s Hazardous Waste Regulation, requires that a container holding hazardous waste be closed except when waste is being added or removed. Federal regulations stipulate the same requirement.

Complying with this regulation can become complicated when dealing with automated pieces of equipment, such as HPLCs, that continuously generate waste. Satellite accumulation area containers collecting waste from these types of instruments should be equipped with a waste cap designed for the process. Appropriately sized manifolds with ports for collecting waste from tubing satisfies compliance with regulations by sealing the container.

In addition to complying with regulations, appropriately closing waste containers prevents worker exposure to the hazardous chemicals being collected. Open containers creates the potential for exposure levels to be exceeded or hazardous environments to be created.

There are numerous options for waste manifold systems that promote compliance with hazardous waste regulations. If you currently have open waste containers, make sure you take the time to equip them with caps that close the container.

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