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Reference NUREG – 1556, Volume 7, for Radiation License Applications

When submitting applications to MA Department of Public Health Radiation Control Program to request permission to possess and use radioactive material in a research and development laboratory, be sure to reference U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s NUREG-1556, Volume 7. The Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses; Program Specific Guidance About Academic, Research and Development, and Other Licenses of Limited Scope must be used as general guidance when drafting permit applications.

All applicants are required to carefully evaluate their proposed use of radioactive materials and ensure that appropriate radiation safety procedures will be established. These procedures need to include how to receive radioactive materials, work with radioactive materials while keeping exposures as low as reasonably achievable, respond to emergency situations involving radioactive materials, and dispose of waste. Appropriate implementation of these procedures and other radiation safety practices must be part of the radioactive material use program at any licensed facility.

It is important to take the time to carefully consider how the radiation safety program will be implemented at your facility in accordance with the established guidelines while preparing the license application. The procedures and statements made in the application will be conditions of the license once it is issued, and any deficiencies in the initial application will delay the issuance of the license.

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