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Recycling In Labs: Key Issues to Consider

It started with pipet tip boxes, which were piling up in labs with many hoping to find a way of recycling them. Recycling was fully implemented for homes, but there were limited options for labs. The demand for implementing a recycling program for cardboard boxes and styrofoam was also high based on the high generation of these waste materials as well. Now, many labs have full recycling programs for cardboard, glass bottles, and plastic items from lab spaces.

When considering implementing a recycling program for materials from your labs, be sure to have a detailed conversation with the waste management company that will be removing recyclables. There should be limitations on what can be recycled from the lab space. Depending on the hazards present at your facility, certain labs may need to restrict the materials they recycle compared to other labs. If you decide to implement a recycling program in your labs, ensure that all workers understand the requirements for recycling materials.

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