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Recognize EHS Program Resources

Many people do not realize the extent of the resources that should be dedicated to an EHS program in order to make is successful. Implementing a comprehensive EHS program takes significant investment in both time and money. Be sure that there are enough resources available at your facility to implement a full spectrum program from waste consolidation and checking emergency equipment, to maintaining permits and license, to conducting risk assessments and job safety analyses.

Scientists that serve on safety committees or fulfill safety officer positions such as a Chemical Hygiene Officer, Biosafety Officer, or Radiation Safety Officer are integral to implementing a robust program. These individuals sometimes discover that they have a passion for safety and decide to make a career transition into an EHS role. When EHS departments are short staffed or a company does not have a dedicated safety officer, the safety program can struggle from the beginning. Be sure to dedicate sufficient resources to your program and create an outstanding safety culture from the start!

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