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Quarterly Insights from Our President & COO, Jennifer Reilly

Listening to our people

We frequently have meetings at Safety Partners to discuss the “gears of Safety Partners.”  Since we are a service provider, these are tactical meetings to discuss the two important pipelines in running our business – recruiting employees and sales to clients.  In these meetings we discuss what is coming down the pipeline in each area and if the gears are spinning at the right rate…it has always been a delicate balance.  As you can imagine, too much or too little in either area creates imbalance.

We are so fortunate to have longevity while continuing to be a growing business supporting Life Sciences.  Growth and change are essential to remain relevant, but it is also hard work.  Our business is all about people and we continue to recognize that not only do we need to listen to our clients, but we also recognize the importance of listening to our employees.

We have shifted our thinking about the wheels that need to be in delicate balance, to the visual of the key gears at Safety Partners…and making sure they spin and engage at the right rate.  This shift includes continuing to put more focus on employees.  The three gears at Safety Partners are:

  1. Recruiting – we need to continue to attract, engage and retain great employees
  2. New Business – delivering great services to our clients that also impacts our ability to attract new clients and expand our role at current clients
  3. Onboarding and Training (the new gear) – going beyond initial onboarding of new employees and continual professional development and training of our employees

We know there is much work to be done, but we continue to work in earnest and put listening at the core.  Employee engagement surveys, monthly staff meetings, suggestion boxes, client surveys and reaching out to clients are a few ways we continue to listen.  Feel free to reach out – we are here and want to hear from you!

This blog was written by Jennifer Reilly, our President, and COO.

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