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Maintain SDSs for Approved Disinfectants

The Massachusetts State Sanitary Code, 105 CMR 480, requires generators of medical and biological waste to maintain a Medical/Biological Waste Record-keeping Log with various information related to the biological waste handling practices. The treatment of medical or biological waste on-site must be tracked on a specific log, and waste shipped off-site for treatment and disposal must be tracked on a related log.

Covered facilities are also required to retain the safety data sheets (SDSs) for chemicals used in approved disinfection methods with the required recordkeeping logs. A company’s Institutional Biosafety Committee is responsible for approving the disinfectants used for the on-site treatment of biotechnology by-product effluent. It is common for bleach to be an approved disinfectant, but as any additional disinfectants are approved by the IBC, be sure to add the SDS for each one to the recordkeeping log book.

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